Growing a Lanarkshire Movement for Change - 12th March 2015

Lanarkshire Recovery Network (LRN), in partnership with SeeMe Scotland, welcomed almost 150 people to the 'Growing a Lanarkshire Movement for Change' which took place on Thursday 12th March 2015

It was no coincidence that the LRN chose stigma and discrimination as the key focus for this gathering as, even today, we are haunted by its destructive power.  The recently refounded national SeeMe programme team facilitated six interactive workshops in the morning which included; Growing a Movement for Change, Taking a Human Rights Approach, Reducing Inequalities, What works in Tackling Stigma and Discrimination, Children and Young People, The Workplace.  In the afternoon Kesto, a hands-on approach for creative engagement, provided the opportunity for people to share their ideas further.

Delegates heard an inspirational talk on the lived experience from Deborah Burns, a Peer Support Worker with Ex-peer-ience Counts and there was entertainment from SoundSational Choir and the African Lanarkshire Association for Mental Health band.  The event was chaired by Jim Wright, General Manager, Mental Health & Learning Disabilities, NHS Lanarkshire, with Judith Robertson, SeeMe Programme Director, setting the scene for the day.  Opening and closing remarks from Michelle McConnachie, Service Manager - Adult & Older Adult Services, South Lanarkshire Council and Morag Dendy, Manager - Younger Adults, North Lanarkshire Council.  

Growing a Lanarkshire Movement for Change brought together a diverse group of people, all passionate about tackling mental health discrimination; participating and interacting, listening and being heard, sharing experiences and expertise, contributing to and influencing future plans. 

"Really enjoyed it. was able to contribute, listen to and learn.  Good discussion, experience and ideas."

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