Hope Café Lanarkshire - Pledge Signing

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Hosted by St Ninian’s Church Stonehouse

The Stigma Free Lanarkshire (SFL) team is delighted to announce The Hope Café Lanarkshire’s commitment to challenging mental health stigma and discrimination by signing the SFL pledge at their Christmas party and celebration on Thursday 13th December. 

By its very nature and presence within the community, the Hope Café could be said to be already tackling mental health stigma.  All volunteers either have lived experience of mental health issues themselves or have supported others through recovery.  A non-religious charity, the cafe is hosted by St Ninian’s Church in Stonehouse.

This year, Hope Café Lanarkshire has been working with SFL to develop a pledge to action which has included access to training and resources including access to suicide prevention, mental health awareness training, and opening up conversations about the emotional impact of stigma. Part of the committee’s plan is to make training available for the wider community in 2019.

Bob Millar, Chair, Hope Café Lanarkshire said:

"The stigma surrounding mental health can have a huge impact on people and can be a significant barrier to people asking for help.  It really can and does negatively affect people’s quality of life.  Here at The Hope Café Lanarkshire our hope is that by our presence here in the community, and our willingness to be open about mental health and mental health issues, we can begin to challenge stigma within this community."

Jenny Hutton, Chair, Lanarkshire Recovery Network:

"We are delighted to be involved with Hope Café Lanarkshire and in working together to tackle mental health stigma in Lanarkshire.  The commitment from the café, through their pledge, is truly inspiring.  Volunteers and customers at the café have gone out of their way to support the programme and we look forward to working together in 2019.  This voice of support can change minds, behaviours, and ultimately, lives."  

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