Mental Health First Aid

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 Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a nationally accredited 2-day training course designed to give participants the knowledge and skills to recognise the signs of mental ill-health and support someone to seek the right help.

What happens on a MHFA course

The 12 hour course will be run on two separate days, over two weeks. It is an interesting course that includes different activities, films, discussions and even some fun and laughter. 

What will I learn on the course

  • How to apply the 5 steps of MHFA
  • How to respond if you believe someone is at risk of suicide.
  • How to give immediate help until professional help is available.
  • What to say and do in a crisis
  • The importance of good listening skills
  • Practice listening and responding
  • Understanding recovery from mental health problems
  • Understanding the connection between mental health problems: Alcohol and Drugs, Discrimination
  • Some basic information about common mental health problems
  • Self help information

The aims of MHFA are

  • To preserve life.
  • To provide help to prevent the mental health problem or crisis developing into a more serious state.
  • To promote the recovery of good mental health.
  • To provide comfort to a person experiencing distress.
  • To promote understanding of mental health issues

The course will give you the knowledge to apply these aims in a real life situation


12th & 18th February 2016

13th & 20th July 2016

15th & 21st November 2016

 (Participants must attend both days)

Time:          9:15am to 17.00 pm each day

Venue:       Law House Carluke   

For more information or to book a place on the course contact:

Hina Sheikh Equality and Diversity Manager Global email or Tel: 01698 377816/ 07950309792

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There is a Bridge - by Memory Bridge

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Shotts Film Nights Nov 2015


SAMH Fundraiser - 13th December 2015

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SAMH Fundraiser


Global Peer Supporter Recognition Day

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Global Peer Supporter Recognition Day1On Thursday 15th October staff and volunteers from Scottish Association for Mental Health services Expeerience Counts and Well-informed celebrated the peer worker role for Global Peer Supporter Recognition Day.  This inaugural event was hosted by The International Association of Peer Supporters (INAPS) and recognised the role of peer workers worldwide.

A mental health and well-being information stall was displayed in Motherwell Town Centre to raise the profile of peer working in the area and provide the public with mental health and well-being resources.

INAPS requested a selfie to be uploaded to their Facebook page to support the celebration.  Peer workers also contributed to the Twittersphere by using the hash tag #Globalpeersupporterrecognitionday.

A beautiful day seemingly encouraged the public to approach the stall, giving staff the opportunity to promote peer working and talk about mental health.  The level of interest suggested that barriers of stigma were overcome, with many members of the public discussing mental health and well-being openly and freely.

Global Peer Supporter Recognition Day2


A Cake, a Chat, and a Change in Workplace Mental Health

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see me - new banner

CUPCAKES, tea and real life stories of how discrimination is holding people back in the workplace is changing the way employers across the west of Scotland view mental health.

The Hope Café has been visiting workplaces to start conversations on mental health, while informing managers on how they can make improvements.

However their workshops have had a twist, as they use the café's own "conversation cakes" as a way to open up discussions. 

Donna Barrowman, who founded the Hope Café, said: "The cakes themselves although they taste delicious, may be hard to stomach for some because of the derogatory language on them.  However, this language is very often the language we use when discussing mental illness." 

See Me Cakes

The Lanark based café are holding the Bun and Blether sessions, after receiving £20,000 funding from See Me.

The sessions are run by people who have first-hand experience of mental health conditions, who speak about their own work experiences, including what helped them and what made things worse.

Workplaces that have taken part in the sessions, including Scottish Southern Energy and Health Working Lives, said the personal stories of the Hope Café team changed people's thinking about mental health.

The group are now working to take Bun and Blether in to schools across Lanarkshire, while continuing to deliver the training in workplaces in the region.

Following the success of the project, See Me are now looking for other groups and organisations across Scotland to apply for their Community Innovation Fund.

This provides money and support to projects which can tackle stigma in workplaces, in health and social care, with children and young people, in minority groups and in the general public.

We are currently looking for projects across Scotland, with funding of up to £4000 for six month projects or £20,000 for larger 12 month projects which target stigma and behaviour change.

Mrs Barrowman said: "This project is very important as it is opening the lines of communication and understanding for everyone involved.

"It is sharing the personal lived experience of the presenters to help participants gain a better insight into how it can feel to struggle with mental illness and give them opportunity to ask any questions that they may not have had the chance to ask before.

"Through this it is reducing the stigma and discrimination that surrounds mental illness.

"The See Me funding helped us to gain resources and valuable contacts with organisations and gave us the opportunity to get out there and deliver the workshops."

Judith Robertson, See Me programme director, said: "The Hope Café's unique idea has been effective in changing the views of the people they meet.

"Funding community projects like this, which can directly challenge stigma is vitally important for us.

"Through the Community Innovation Fund we can support community groups like the Hope Cafe to target the stigma in areas they know best, building a movement to tackle mental health stigma.

"To build this further we want to hear from groups and individuals across Scotland who are passionate about ending stigma who have an idea of how they want to do it."

More information and application packs can be found on the our website here.

Workplaces wanting to take part in the Bun and Blether sessions can contact Lisa Cameron on 07851823683.


Occupational Therapy Community Mental Health - Christmas Fair

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Lanarkshire's Occupational Therapy Community Mental Health Teams are hosting a Christmas Fair on the Tuesday  24th of November, 10am-2pm. Pather OT Clinic, Pather Community Centre, Caledonian Road, Wishaw.

This enterprise event is to showcase the great talents of individuals that have experienced mental health difficulties, and used activity to aid their recovery.  They have utilised meaningful activities such as knitting, wood work, ceramics, ribbon craft, jewellery and card making. 

A selection of these handmade items will be on sale, with all money going directly to the individual to allow them to continue participating in these activities, working toward paid employment in the future. 

For any further information please contact Lee Samuel - 01698 269336/

Occupational Therapy Community Mental Health - Christmas Fair


The Hope Café - Stand Up To Stigma Event

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Hope Café Banner

On Friday 23 October the Hope Café Lanarkshire held their first ever Stand Up to Stigma event as part of the Scottish Mental Health Festival at St Nininas Church in Stonehouse.

 The event was compared by comedienne and Hope Café board member the hilarious Gillian Grant and was attended by over 150 people.

Gillian had the audience in stiches right from the start with her stand up routine based on her own experience of mental illness. We were also entertained by the powerful voices of Stonehouse Male Voice Choir and including their rendition of classic sin-a-long wartime songs. The Acting Bairns of Stonehouse then treated us to their amazing musical talent singing more modern songs which were enjoyed by all the audience.

The first half then was concluded by Inspire young peoples drama group, a drama group formed by young people who have either their own or a close experience of mental illness. They wrote and produced their own drama based on the challenges many young people face today which their mental health and incorporated their own experiences in the piece. It was performed very well and sent out a strong message to the audience of the importance of being able to speak to someone about any difficulties they may be experiencing. 

After a break of some delicious home baking and tea the second half was kicked off my more hilarious stories from Gillian. Hope Café volunteer Christine Cather - also known as "Wee Read" shared some very powerful poetry with us. We then had a very poignant and factual short sketch from AT Theatre about the stigma surrounding mental health and how each person can play their part in breaking that down. The evening was finished off by the Inspire Young Adults group who had written and produced a drama from the recovery story of Hope Café volunteer Scott Baker. The drama was a true account of Scotts experience as a teenager and the difficulties he faced. Through the drama Inspire perfectly portrayed how Scott has worked hard to change his life and continues to manage his recovery. The drama was extremely powerful and emotional and left the audience with no doubt about the trials that are part of learning to live with a mental illness.  You can read Scotts story here.

The event was a huge success raising around £300 in total for the Hope Café but more importantly raising awareness of mental health and helping to 'Stand up to Stigma'.

Thank you to See Me Scotland and Lanarkshire Recovery Network for funding the event. 


Free Environmental Training and Volunteering

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Clyde & Avon Valley landscape Partnership


Well-Informed Information Stalls & Visits - November 2015

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Well-Informed Information Stalls & Visits - November 2015

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16 Days of Action – Calendar of Events 2015

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16 Days of Action - Calendar of Events


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