Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival Launch

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Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival Launch Picture

Lanarkshire organisers and partners launch the eighth Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival in the Alona Hotel in Strathclyde Country Park.

The eighth Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival was recently launched with Power as its main theme.

It was chosen by the organisers as there is a general acceptance that art has the power to create change.

Be it song, theatre, film or the written word, art can inspire individuals to be all they can be as well as encapsulate social movement and change.

With one of the festival's main drivers being to tackle the stigma associated with mental ill health and to promote recovery, this year's theme is an ideal message to build the event around.

Susan McMorrin, senior health promotion officer for NHS Lanarkshire, is coordinating the festival in Lanarkshire.

She said: "Despite the fact that most people will have some personal experience of mental ill health, there is still a great deal of stigma, discrimination and inequality experienced by people both young and old who have had or have mental health care needs."

"Those with a mental health issue can often feel disempowered as a result of it and participating in the arts can bring a sense of empowerment."

"We want to remind people that being, involved, creative, connected and learning new things are very important to our mental health and therefore the festival is for all of us."

The festival also aims to promote positive attitudes towards mental health and mental illness and remind people to value and look after theirs and others mental health.

Isobel McCarthy, South Lanarkshire's Choose Life mental health and wellbeing development officer, added: "The festival is a fantastic opportunity for people to showcase their talents and demonstrate how the experiences of participating in arts and cultural activities can have beneficial effects on their sense of wellbeing."

"South Lanarkshire has been committed to supporting this development over many years and this year's festival has an outstanding line up of events engaging with people from all age groups and backgrounds."

The range of events in Lanarkshire includes challenging film and theatre, uplifting music, hard-hitting dance, thought-provoking photography and reflective poetry.

Bobby Miller, manager for younger adults for North Lanarkshire Council said: "The festival continues to be a major opportunity to deliver positive messages regarding issues of mental health and this year's theme of 'power' is one that we can all relate to both in our personal and professional lives. "

The eighth Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival runs from 1 to 19 October. For a full list of the events taking place in Lanarkshire and across Scotland, visit:


Lanarkshire 'see me' Campaign Song

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see me video

Click image to view video.

Community based programme featuring local 'see me' signatories and supporting organisations within the North Locality of NHS Lanarkshire. The See Me programme aims to dispel the stigma and discrimination associated with mental ill-health.  One in four people in Scotland will experience a mental health problem at some point in their lives and this is often made much worse because of the stigma and discrimination these individuals face. 

Visit for more information on the programme. The song was written and produced by local band Falconhoof and the wording of the song highlight's some of the difficulties that those with mental health problems can experience but it also gives an uplifting reminder to us all that despite these difficulties, it is still possible to live a fantastic and prosperous life. The song has been given national recognition and the band performed it as part of the re-founding of the national 'see me' campaign launch within Scottish Parliament in January 2014. Falconhoof have also recently won the NLC Battle of the Bands award.


Soundminds SMHAFF Event

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Soundminds, as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival is proud to present the event flyer and details for our 2014 event

We will have live music throughout the day, instrument tasters for people of all ages to take part in an interactive music workshop and a chance for people to give us their opinions on mental health

Please click here for event details... 


MyRAP Facilitation Groups

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MYRAP groups


Tools for Living November-December 2014

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Tools for Living November-December 2014


Mindful Living - 22 September 2014

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Mindful Living - 22 Sept 2014

Download PDF Document


NEW STORM Training Dates

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Skills-Based Training on Risk Management for Suicide Prevention

STORM (skills-based training on risk management for suicide prevention) is intended for frontline workers in health, social and criminal justice services.

STORM focuses on developing the skills needed to assess and manage a person at risk of suicide.

New Dates

16th and 17th October 2014

11th and 12th December 2014

If you wish attend the training please fill out and email back to:


A Stage For U - Entertainment Evening

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A Stage For U


The Health and Wellness Hub - Free Activity Programme

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Hub full activity programme 2014


Dementia Cafes 2014

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Dementia Cafes 2014


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