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Tools For Living - Modules

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SAMH Tools For Living Modules (Expeerience Counts)



Confidence & Self-Esteem


Have an understanding of what we mean by confidence and self-esteem.

Be aware of where our level of self-esteem comes from.

Have reviewed your level of self-esteem.

Understand the impact of self-esteem and how this can vary.

Explore your personal strengths.

Look at ways of moving from unhelpful to helpful thinking.



Positive about Change



Be aware of the different types of change.

Understand the benefits of change.

Recognize your own drivers for change.

Have looked at why change can be difficult.

Understand ways in which you can successfully manage change.

Have made a plan for one's personal change.






Explore what we mean by resilience.

Reflect on your personal resilience.

Look at factors which contribute to resilience.

Consider ways of developing and maintaining resilience.





Understand what we mean by 'being assertive'.

Be aware of common communication styles.

Identify your own communication style.

Learn ways to be assertive.



Managing Difficult Situations


Be aware of what we mean by 'conflict'.

Have explored the causes of conflict.

Have looked at different conflict management styles.

Be introduced to an effective conflict management approach.

Look at how to receive criticism and manage anger.

Have developed a personal plan.



Problem Solving


Have reflected on your approach to problem solving.

Be aware of the barriers to problem solving.

Reflect on how your learning style may impact on your problem solving.

Be aware of the 6 step approach to successful problem solving.

Have the opportunity to use this approach.




The Hope Cafe Lanarkshire - Information, Activities and Resources

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The Hope Cafe Lanarkshire

Download PDF document for dates


Mindful Living - 14 July 2014

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Mindful Living - 14 July 2014

Download PDF Document


SAMH Big Fit 6k Walk - Strathclyde Country Park

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SAMH Big Fit 6k Walk


Suicide Prevention Week 2014 from 8 to 13 September 2014

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Choose Life Prevention Week

With one suicide a week in North Lanarkshire on average, we feel that it is important to raise community awareness of the issue. There are various events taking place across the authority during suicide prevention week such as the annual suicide prevention week 5-asides taking place on the 10th of September.
For more information please see:

We would also like to know what events you are planning for your area to raise awareness about suicide prevention amongst your community, and to make sure others champion your work. The aim is not to be over prescriptive, but just bring all the activity together into one plan, meaning we can concentrate our collective efforts and assets across Lanarkshire with a wide range of activities.

A wide range of supportive and promotional materials are available to support your activities.

Contact Well Informed on Freephone 0800 073 0918 to discuss what supportive resources and materials area available.

Please find a simple pro-forma attached for anyone to complete to tell us about your

planned activity, which we can then promote through our co-ordinated efforts.

Return the completed proforma to

Activities will be promoted on the council website.


Choose Life Charity Golf Tournament - Tuesday 9th September 2014

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Choose Life Charity Golf Tournament - Tuesday 9th September 2014

Download PDF Entry Form


SMHAFF - Writing Awards 2014

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SHMAFF Banner 2014

The International Writing Competition is now open!

Led by Bipolar Scotland, this competition allows people to enter work into categories including: 

  • Poems
  • Short Stories
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Diary / Blog Entries
  • Letters 

The theme for all categories is "Power", we are interested in your interpretation of the theme and encourage innovative and diverse perspectives - the limit is your imagination.

Winning and highly commended entries in each category will be honoured at an awards ceremony during the Festival in October. Full details of this event will be announced with the launch of the Festival programme in September.

More details can be found on our news page

Entries must be received no later than 5pm, Friday 25th July 2014

Guidelines and entry form can be downloaded here

Please make sure to read the guidelines carefully before submitting your work.


South Lanarkshire’s Choose Life Plan

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Choose Life

Suicide Prevention and Self Harm Reduction Activities in South Lanarkshire


This suicide prevention and self harm reduction activities in South Lanarkshire document has been created to bring together a record of the activities of all partner providers that contribute to suicide prevention or reducing self harm.   The purpose in doing this is to ensure we are developing and implementing a coordinated approach to suicide prevention that reflects the national priorities and reflects locally identified areas of priority.  The activity reports connected to this document have been prepared by partners to share the varied activities they are engaging in to help to reduce suicides in our area.  We are happy to update or add in any further contributions and this can be done by contacting the Choose Life Coordinator . All contributors will be invited to update their sections on an annual basis.

The Choose Life Suicide Prevention Steering Group meets every six weeks bringing together key partners with the purpose of co-ordinating suicide prevention activities in South Lanarkshire.  Care has been taken to ensure representatives on this group reflect the groups we know to be at higher risk of suicide and new members from voluntary or statutory services are welcome to attend.  The work of the steering group is reported on annually to the Social Work Resource Management Team.  Please see the latest report (June 2014) attached Appendix 1.

The provision of free suicide prevention and self harm training remains a central theme of suicide prevention activities in the areas with a number of partners contributing to this area of development.  This includes a robust programme in schools and a full training programme that in open to all.  Targeted safeTALK training can also be delivered to specific groups on request to the Choose Life Coordinator.

Since the national suicide prevention strategy (Choose Life) was introduced in Scotland in 2002 deaths in South Lanarkshire area have fallen from 57 at the start of that period to 46 in 2012 the most up to date figures available.  The partners will continue to work together to identify and respond effectively to help reduce the number of deaths by suicide in our area.  The national team work in partnership with mental health improvement networks to guide and support local activities.  A key area for development is in how services respond to people in distress.

Download Word Document of Full Report


2 Day WRAP Workshop - 21st & 22nd August

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Free Wellness Recovery Action Plan Training Lanarkshire May

To Download the poster please click here...


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