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See Me Community Champions - Training in Lanarkshire

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see me - new banner

Who are the Champions?

The Champions all have lived experience so are passionate about making a difference by identifying locally where discrimination exists, coming up with ideas and projects to challenge it. 

Since October 2014 we have trained three groups of Champions, in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness. 30 champions have completed training and are starting projects in a variety of locations.  

This year, we are holding training in Lanarkshire and Perth. See below for details and how to apply.

Some of the projects include:

  • Working with students to tackle self-stigma
  • Pass the Badge Campaign
  • Exploring stigma within the healthcare system
  • Community consultations to raise awareness and getting people involved
  • Working with trade unions and HR to improve policies and practise regarding mental health in the workplace

Community champions might also: 

  • Run events
  • Devise local campaigns
  • Speak in schools and workplaces as part of a wider programme
  • Spread the See Me message at community groups
  • Encourage people to join the movement
  • Gather local stories and experiences to share with us


What is involved?

Champion Training takes place over a 3-4 month period, with approximately one training session a month.
In between sessions Champions have reflective and planning tasks to complete.  They also have meetings with their mentor at key points during the training programme.


See Me Community Champions Training Lanarkshire

Community Champions will be fully trained.

Training Dates: 22nd March, 12th April, 17th May, 7th June, 28th June

Venue: Dalziel Business Centre, Motherwell, ML1 1PN


How can I get involved?

If you are interested in becoming a champion, See Me are now recruiting for Lanarkshire training groups.

Completed applications are to be returned to Rebekah Moore.
This can be done via Email: or via Telephone:  0141 530 1093 (office) 07803 203 652 (mobile)

Post: Brunswick House, 51 Wilson Street, Glasgow, G1 1UZ. 

The deadline for completed applications for Lanarkshire is  29th February at 5pm.

To apply, please have a look at the role description for Lanarkshire and then fill in the application form.


Walk A Mile In My Shoes

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Walk a mile in my shoes


See Me - Get Involved!

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See Me - Get Involved


See Me - Children & Young People

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see me - new banner

As part of SeeMe's new programme of work they are now updating provision for Children and Young People including developing resources, recruiting young volunteers with lived experience and developing training for trainers materials for Education Scotland.  Involving partner agencies and those with lived experience is central to this work.

SeeMe is engaged with key stakeholder organisations and recently conducted a survey with 1000 young people to gain valuable insight into their lived experience and current needs.

This is the first stage in addressing the needs of Children and Young People and will expand from Secondary Education to Youth Work, Social Care, Health, Primary education and support for families.

Please find attached flyers advertising the opportunities for young people including dates and venues.

If you would like further information please contact Laura Sharpe, Programme Officer - Children & Young People, email: or telephone: 0141 530 1089

Download See Me Children and Young People Flyer

Download See Me Children and Young People Focus Group


Growing a Lanarkshire Movement for Change

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"Fantastic conference, very interactive." 
"A very informative, enjoyable day - excellent networking opportunity"

It was with great pleasure that Lanarkshire Recovery Network (LRN), in partnership with SeeMe Scotland, welcomed almost 150 people to the recent 'Growing a Lanarkshire Movement for Change' which took place on Thursday 12th March at The Alona Hotel, Motherwell. 

Growing a Lanarkshire Movement for Change

It was no coincidence that the LRN chose stigma and discrimination as the key focus for this gathering as, even today, we are haunted by its destructive power.  The recently refounded national SeeMe programme team facilitated six interactive workshops in the morning which included; Growing a Movement for Change, Taking a Human Rights Approach, Reducing Inequalities, What works in Tackling Stigma and Discrimination, Children and Young People, The Workplace.  In the afternoon Kesto, a hands-on approach for creative engagement, provided the opportunity for people to share their ideas further.

Delegates heard an inspirational talk on the lived experience from Deborah Burns, a Peer Support Worker with Ex-peer-ience Counts and there was entertainment from SoundSational Choir and the African Lanarkshire Association for Mental Health band.  The event was chaired by Jim Wright, General Manager, Mental Health & Learning Disabilities, NHS Lanarkshire, with Judith Robertson, SeeMe Programme Director, setting the scene for the day.  Opening and closing remarks from Michelle McConnachie, Service Manager - Adult & Older Adult Services, South Lanarkshire Council and Morag Dendy, Manager - Younger Adults, North Lanarkshire Council.  

Growing a Lanarkshire Movement for Change brought together a diverse group of people, all passionate about tackling mental health discrimination; participating and interacting, listening and being heard, sharing experiences and expertise, contributing to and influencing future plans. 

"Really enjoyed it. was able to contribute, listen to and learn.  Good discussion, experience and ideas."

More photos of the event will be available on the website shortly and LRN Steering Group and SeeMe are currently working on collating feedback from delegates and available soon.

Growing a Lanarkshire Movement for Change Ketso

Growing a Lanarkshire Movement for Change Ketso two



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See Me relaunch

The See Me programme was re-launched at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow on 28th October 2014, urging people to take action against mental health stigma and discrimination in all walks of life including at work, education and healthcare. Lanarkshire Recovery Network proudly supports the See Me vision and Lanarkshire was well represented at the launch which included performances from SoundSational, Theatre Nemo and the Lanarkshire African Association for Mental Health. 

Judith Robertson, See Me programme director, said: "We are launching a campaign which signals the end of a culture in Scotland that actively discriminates against people with mental health problems, stigmatising them and their families".

View the new See Me video:


See Me has also now launched its 2015 Community Innovation Fund (CIF) to support innovative ideas and strategies to end mental health stigma and discrimination.

Between now and March, See Me will be holding workshops leading to a final Innovation Lab on 3rd and 4th March 2015. Find out more at:

For more information on Community Innovation Fund Workshops visit:

To find out more information about funding and grants visit:


Community Links 'see me' Pledge Signing

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 By: Gerald | Tagged: , |

Community Links Pledge Signing

Community Links, based in Blantyre, recently signed the 'see me' pledge.  Chairman, Anna Shanks, signed up to the pledge and committed the community group to an action plan which will promote 'see me' to their employees and service users, as well as the wider community, to help battle the stigma associated with mental ill-health. 

Paul Hayward, Social Marketing Officer for Community Links, said: "Promoting positive mental health and wellbeing is something that is of high importance to Community Links.  We recognise signing the pledge as an important step in showing our dedication and commitment to tackling stigma and discrimination of mental ill-health.  We are delighted to show our support by signing the pledge and hope this encourages other local organisations to do the same."

Lisa Cohen, 'see me' National Programme Manager, who co-signed the pledge, said: "We believe that everyone in Scotland should be able to live their lives without experiencing stigma and discrimination in relation to mental health.  We need to identify what the real issues are for people, and come up with solutions that make a real difference in tackling discrimination.  Our new way of working means that people who experience mental health problems will be front and foremost in the planning, design and delivery of the programme."

Kevin O'Neill, the Public Mental Health and Well-being Development Manager, NHS Lanarkshire and the chair of the Lanarkshire Recovery Network said: "I'm delighted to welcome Community Links to join the other 410 'see me' pledge signatories in Lanarkshire.  Community Links have demonstrated a strong commitment to mental health for many years.  I hope their commitment will inspire others to take action against stigma and discrimination".


'see me' Launches two new Funding Programmes

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see me banner

'see me' Launches two new Funding Programmes

See me is launching two new funding programmes and is inviting applications for funding from organisations from all over Scotland.

The 'see me' Local Fund and the 'see me' Community Innovation Fund provide two new opportunities for those who are committed to challenging mental health stigma and discrimination in their local area. 'see me' is committed to supporting the full engagement and leadership of people with lived experience of mental health problems and both funds reflect that priority.

The 'see me' Local Fund is an opportunity for community and voluntary sector groups and organisations to fund specific short term project ideas and initiatives, up to a total project value of £4,000. The Local Fund will be focused on changing behaviour in relation to mental health stigma and discrimination and will support activities by local groups and organisations across Scotland who have innovative and effective ideas to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination in their community. The deadline for applications to the Local Fund is 1st August 2014. More information about the Local Fund is available here.

A total of £40,000 is available in this fund this year.

The 'see me' Community Innovation Fund will support longer-term pieces of work up to a total project value of £20,000. The Community Innovation Fund has a two stage application process to support groups and organisations develop local change networks, take part in innovation labs and develop innovative ideas and activities that will change behaviour on mental health stigma and discrimination. The deadline for stage one applications in 30th June 2014 and for stage two applications 30th August 2014. More information about the Community Innovation Fund is available here.

A total of £120,000 is available in this fund this year.

Please circulate this information throughout your networks as appropriate. We are greatly looking forward to hearing from you,

The 'see me' Team


'see me' Advisory Group - Volunteer Members

Friday, May 16, 2014 By: Fiona | Tagged: , |

'see me', Scotland's national programme to end mental health stigma and discrimination, is seeking  6 volunteer members for the programme's new Advisory Group and is specifically looking for people with lived experience of mental health problems or experience of caring for someone with mental health problems.

Group members will contribute their expertise to the overall direction of the programme as well as providing links to key audiences.  They will play the role of a critical friend, and provide feedback to the programme lead partners, management and funders on the direction and performance of the programme. 

The Advisory Group will meet a minimum of four times yearly and will include the Programme Management team (The Programme Director and senior representatives from the delivery partners MHF and SAMH).  The Advisory Group will not have a formal governance role - that remit sits with the management team, but will provide essential checks and balances for the decision-making and the direction of the programme. 

These are not paid positions but all reasonable expenses, incurred in the work of the Advisory Group, will be reimbursed by 'see me'.

In signing up to join the group members will be undertaking to:
• Provide expert advice to guide the programme delivery including priorities and themes
• Support the development of an annual dissemination and communications strategy
• Disseminate learning from the programme and key anti-stigma and discrimination      
Messaes within their own spheres of influence.
• Serve as high profile champions for the cause
• Provide candid feedback to funding stakeholders on programme delivery and provide expert advice to funding bodies as required
• Support the programme team to create a culture of learning and innovation across the programme
• Promote the Equalities and Human Rights framework
• Our group members will be invited to join the Advisory group for the three years of the current programme after which time the group membership will be reviewed depending on the next phase of the work.

Person Specification
Terms of Reference
Volunteer Application Form

Salary: £0.00 -£0.00
Type: Volunteer

Application notes:
Please email completed applications to or post to:
Lydia Morrow
'see me' c/o SAMH
Brunswick House
51 Wilson Street
G1 1UZ


Local band, Falconhoof, show support for the ‘see me’ programme

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At last October's 'see me' pledge signing in Cumbernauld, local alternative rock band from Abronhill High School, Cumbernauld, closed the event performing their debut of their song 'see me'.

Band member, Scott Parker said, "We thought it was essential for us as a band to show that we were fully supporting the campaign. Therefore, the name for the song 'see me' allowed the song and the campaign to be easily interlinked and demonstrated just how enthusiastic we were to support the campaign as a group. We felt that the lyrics had to first-of-all, alert the public to some of the difficulties that those with mental health problems can experience but also be uplifting reminding us all that despite these difficulties, it is still possible to live a fantastic and prosperous life. We hope that these lyrics will inspire a number of people to unite and work for one another."


'see me' lyrics

Don't turn your back on me don't go away

Support me when I'm down and out and feeling on my own

Rejected, feeling like I'm different from my peers

But with your help, you can show me that there's nothing I should fear

I'm just like you, see me

I'm here for you, see me

I'll stand by you, see me

See me, see me

You may think, things will stay the same never improve

But even with these problems, you can live your life we know you'll make it through

Hold on, we'll lend a helping hand when you're in need

Because together, we're all the same and no one will be left out

I'm just like you, see me

I'm here for you, see me

I'll stand by you, see me

See me, see me


Hold on we'll lend a hand

Together as one we'll make a final stand

I'm just like you, see me

I'm here for you, see me

I'll stand by you, see me

I'm just like you, see me

I'm here for you, see me

I'll stand by you, see me

See me, see me


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