Surviving Christmas and New Year: Supporting your Recovery and Keeping Well

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surving xmas website.jpgChristmas can be a very difficult time for people in recovery from alcohol and drug problems. Lanarkshire Recovery Consortium has produced a Lanarkshire version of the" Surviving Christmas and New Year: Supporting your recovery and keeping well "booklet which was produced and launched by the service users group Future of Addiction Services Team in West Dunbartonshire earlier this month. The booklet offers practical tips and advice from people who are in recovery on how to cope with a range of issues including services being reduced, other people drinking and having parties, transport over the festive period, how to manage debt and even what to do with leftover Christmas dinner!


Text to be Added to Mental Health Client Letters

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Mental health staff should include standard text in all mental health assessment and client appointment letters to promote self-help, Healthy Reading, 'elament' and telephone supports. The new text, listed below, should ensure "elament" is spelt correctly. The new text is:

All Lanarkshire libraries now have a healthy reading section with a wide range of mental health and well-being self-help leaflets, books, CDs, DVDs and web-based support. You will also find a wide range of information for mental health and well-being at elament (eLanarkshire Mental Health Resources) visit:
Should you need help urgently or if your mental heath problems persist please contact your GP or out of hours NHS24 on 08454 24 24 24.
The following agencies may also help: Breathing Space - 0800 83 85 87 (evenings and weekends) or Samaritans - 01698 429411 or 08457 90 90 90 (24hrs)


Job Centre Plus take action to tackle stigma

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On Friday 8th October, Job Centre Plus became the latest organisation in Scotland to formally pledge its' commitment to work with 'see me' in order to eliminate the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental ill-health.

See me pledge 4.jpg'see me' - Scotland's national mental health anti-stigma campaign - believes that forming such partnerships is a crucial way to eliminate stigma, both in the workplace and beyond. One in four Scots will be affected by mental health problems at some point in their lives - it could happen to a friend, family-member or colleague.

Customer Service Director for Scotland, Rena Kinloch has publicly signed the pledge as part of Scottish Mental Health Week to demonstrate the organisations long-term commitment to tackling the stigma experienced by people with mental ill-health.

Suzie Vestri, 'see me' Campaign Director says: "We welcome the contribution that Job Centre Plus is making to provide a mentally healthy workplace for its staff. We hope the support pledged will encourage others to take positive action by joining us in signing the pledge.

See me pledge 1.jpg"Mental ill-health will affect everyone at some stage in their life and the vast majority of those who have experienced stigma say that the discrimination they experienced was worse than living with the condition itself. Everyone has a part to play in ridding our country of stigma and the backing of organisations such as Job Centre Plus can really make this happen."

Rena Kinloch said: "Jobcentre Plus is proud to sign this pledge and show our commitment to tackling the stigma and discrimination of mental ill-health. We support a mentally healthy workforce and include stress risk assessments, behaviour at work policies and mentally healthy workplace training to ensure our staff get the support and advice they need."

"We also recognise that customers with mental health conditions require additional support to either remain in employment, or if unemployed, help them to find work. We do this through a network of Mental Health Coordinators and specially trained Disability Employment Advisers."

For more information or images please contact Emily Moyes or Alex Messis at Stripe Communications on (0131) 561 8628, or e-mail


Maternal and Early Years Website

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NHS Health Scotland in partnership with the Scottish Government has developed a website for professionals working in health, local authority and community and voluntary authorities to support health improvement in early years. The website aims to:

  • Provide a one-stop shop for health improvement information from pregnancy to 8 years old
  • Develop a common understanding of health improvement and the role of partners in early years
  • Provide quick access to evidence and practical resources for professionals
  • Provide up-to-date information about early years policies and national direction

The website is continually updated and we welcome feedback on any gaps, ideas for improvements and contributions. Users of the site can feedback using comment boxes on the site.

Visit to find out more.


2010 Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival Launched

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SMHAFF logo RED small.JPG2010 SMHAFF Launched in Lanarkshire, Rutherglen Town Hall, 1st September
1 - 24 October 2010

Now a regular on the arts scene, the 4th Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival has grown to become one of Scotland's most valued cultural events with nearly 200 exciting and affordable events taking place in venues throughout the country.

The Festival has engaged artists, connected with communities and formed partnerships across Scotlandfestival launch 01.jpg to help challenge attitudes towards mental health through the arts. The range of issues tackled is broad and arts events include film, music, theatre, literature, comedy and visual art ensuring there is something for everyone.

2010 festival launch 02[1].JPGThe festival was launched at Rutherglen Town Hall with live performances from from Rod Jones (Idlewild), Emma Pollock (ex-Delgados) and Jill O'Sullivan (Sparrow and the Workshop), performing songs from a brand new album written and recorded for the festival. Plus rappers Aaron MKD and DJ Costa from the Congolese Music Project in Motherwell.

Further information on the festival events and to download a copy of the brochure, visit the Mental Health Festival page.


Motherwell FC Takes Steps For Stress

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Steps for stress August craig brown and steve.jpgMOTHERWELL FC are launching a season long initiative to encourage all of us to take simple steps to tackle our everyday stress and help us avoid more serious problems. The initiative is part of the Scottish Government Steps for Stress Campaign -

Craig Brown, manager of Motherwell FC said: "We know stress can affect everyone from time to time but for others it can occur more frequently, last for long periods and impact on our everyday lives. Motherwell FC has played eight games already this season. Taking steps to manage the demands and get the balance right between Motherwell Steps for stress August 2010011 cope1.JPGfootball and relaxation has enhanced our performances. For me the message is clear. We know that stress feeds off stress if we ignore it. If the causes and symptoms of stress are allowed to snowball, they can risk leading to other problems like unhealthy eating, drinking too much or heavy smoking."

Motherwell Steps for stress August 2010007stev saunders.JPG

"The Steps for Stress campaign sends an important message to all football fans and communities across Scotland. Let's recognise the signs of everyday stress, feel comfortable talking about it and use the advice, information and supports available to take action to help stop it in its tracks - such as being more active, talking to someone or helping other people. Stress Less, Enjoy Life - Take"

The website helps you do an on-line assessment of your stress and takes you step by step through the options that may help.
In Lanarkshire, the elament website provides lots of useful local information.
For Steps for Stress Visit:

The full press release is available here.


Motherwell FC Makes New Signing to Tackle Stigma of Mental Ill Health

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Motherwell FC has once again shown their outstanding commitment to using their profile and links to the Lanarkshire community to increase understanding of mental health and to tackle the stigma of mental health ill-health.

see me at mwell v hibs 15.jpg

Motherwell FC has also secured the backing of Hibernian FC, to raise awareness through linking in with the high profile televised match with Hibernian FC s on Wednesday 5th May. On match day key messages will be displayed, players will wear T-shirts, information will be given out to supporters and there will be announcements throughout the game. As well as this, Motherwell FC have re-signed the anti-stigma 'see me' pledge and will use their connections throughout the coming year to promote mental health and well-being.

Craig Brown, Manager of Motherwell FC said: "This is an issue that is certainly close to my heart. We all know people who have experienced mental health problems and how difficult that can be. Unfortunately, the problem itself can be made much worse by the attitudes of other people. Sometimes we all say things that lead to stigma without realising the damage it can cause. By understanding, listening and offering support you will help in a big way.. Anyone experiencing mental ill health, needs our support and understanding - not outdated labels and prejudices. I'm delighted that Motherwell FC can play a part not just for our own great supporters but also for everyone we come into contact with. Support your team, support your community but support 'see me' too."

see me at mwell v hibs 14.jpgSuzie Vestri, Campaign Director for 'see me' who joined supporters at the match said, "'see me' is delighted to work with Motherwell FC again and build new relationships with Hibernian FC to get the issue of mental ill-health out into the open. 1 in 4 adults (over 1 million) people in Scotland will experience a mental health problem and around 3 out of 4 of us will know someone with mental ill-health.  Stigma makes people feel isolated and hinders recovery.  Each of us has the ability to change that.  For people with a mental health problem, how the rest of us deal with it really does make a difference. Just remember to carry on being the great friend or supportive family member you always were.'

For tips on how you can be a great friend and support to someone with a mental health problem, and pledge your support to see me, please visit the homepage of our new website"

see me at mwell v hibs 12.jpg

Motherwell FC are one of over 150 organisations in Lanarkshire that have signed the 'see me' pledge to defeat stigma through taking action in their own areas, and collectively through the Lanarkshire Recovery Network which is supported by a number of organisations including NHS Lanarkshire, North Lanarkshire Council, South Lanarkshire Council and  the Voluntary sector. On behalf of the partners, Ann-Marie Newman, Manager of Lanarkshire Links who chairs the Lanarkshire Recovery Network said,"mental health is everyone's business, we need everyone to know that it is ok to talk about mental health, to know how to help themselves and others and that support and help is available. We also know that there is a link between physical exercise and good mental health and we hope to encourage people to take positive steps to look after their own and other people's mental health. Working with Motherwell FC helps us to share this message. We are extremely grateful to Motherwell and Hibernian Football Clubs."


Relaxation is just a click away!

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New technology has allowed the creation of a music application (Bloom) that makes gentle tones to let you instantly create relaxing ambient music. It plays different notes when you touch different parts of the computer screen. When you click on the screen, a circle appears then fades with the note, like a ripple in a pond. Each note repeats on a slow loop so you can add to the music. If you do not like the note, move over the note with the mouse and it will delete the note.  A Bloom App is also available to download on to iphones so that you can relax wherever you go!

Visit the Bloom Site


MyRAP Now Available

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MyRAP small.gif

MyRAP is a self management / self help tool to support mental health, well-being and recovery. MyRAP helps you plan positively for the future, focusing on your strengths, allowing you to take control and reflect on you own experiences.

For further information and to downlaod a copy of MyRAP visit the Lanarkshire Recovery Network Resources page on Elament.


Healthy Reading Programme Launched

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HRead book shelf small web image.jpg

January 28th marked the launch of the Lanarkshire Healthy Reading Programme, which makes it easier to access mental health and well-being leaflets, books, CDs, DVDs and web-based support, through visiting the library or referral from GPs and other services in the community. All 50 libraries across Lanarkshire now have resources aimed at helping people get the most from life such as living life to the full, sleeping better and becoming more confident and assertive. Healthy reading can be helpful for people to overcome and cope with mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, dementia, eating disorders, bereavement and panic. There are also resources for all ages including supporting young people, adults and older people as well as items on positive parenting. As part of the programme Lanarkshire's Mental Health and Well-being Website will also be re-launched, with a full range of self-help materials for everyone to use. It also includes an improved service directory with maps built in to help people access services more easily. In addition, a self-help CD called "Mind to Listen" has also been produced, with advice on stress, low mood, bereavement, sleep and includes relaxation exercises. This is available from every library or can be downloaded from 'elament'

Visit the Healthy Reading Page on Elament.

healthy reading launch 8 small[1].jpg

Dr Chris Mackintosh, Associate Medical Director, South Lanarkshire Community Health Partnership, NHS Lanarkshire said, "There is no one solution for an individual's mental health problem, but this resource gives GPs and others an additional - and I believe very potent- way of helping people. It is also an opportunity to be in contact with a different community and that in itself can be part of healing. I am more excited about the launch of this than of any prescription drug in the past decade."

Colin Sloey, Executive Director for Mental Health Services, NHS Lanarkshire said "With 1 in 4 people experiencing mental health problems in Lanarkshire we need to increase mental health awareness and increase access to information, self-help and support. NHS Lanarkshire is extremely grateful to North and South Lanarkshire Councils' Library Services for working in partnership with us to increase access to mental health and well-being support. This programme has been developed because research shows us that increasing the availability of support, information and self-help is effective in improving mental health and well-being. I would personally like to thank all involved for making this programme a reality."

Councillor James Logue, Convenor of Learning and Leisure, North Lanarkshire Council added, "North Lanarkshire Council is delighted to support this programme. With a library in most communities, this programme means that access to mental health and well-being information and self-help is made easier. The public will be able to borrow or use any of the resources in the same way as any other resources and they are available free of charge. The library computers can also be used to access web based self-help programmes. As well as this, people will be referred to the library by their GP or other health or social care professional to borrow or use resources as part of their treatment."

Councillor Mary Smith, Chair of the Education Resources Committee, South Lanarkshire Council added, "As part of our commitment to this programme, all library staff will be receiving mental health awareness training. This will support staff to give a warm and friendly welcome and help people to find and use the resources that they are looking for. We can all feel stressed, angry or at a low point at some stage in life. These resources are there for us to increase our understanding of mental health and well-being and learn practical skills which will help us all overcome problems and enjoy better mental health."

Duncan Mackay, Head of Social Work Development added, "North Lanarkshire Council Social Work is proud to be part of the Healthy Reading Programme. Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health problems in Scotland. This programme promises to be an effective method of directly promoting good mental health in the local community, combating depression as well as other mental health issues in Lanarkshire."

Jim Wilson, Head of Adult and Older People Services added, "The Healthy Reading Programme has been a positive achievement for South Lanarkshire Council and its planning partners in promoting good mental health and wellbeing in Lanarkshire. The fact that the programme includes a range of self help resources for all ages in a variety of formats which are readily accessible within local communities should assist in tackling the stigma of mental ill health and in striving towards a mentally flourishing Lanarkshire."

As a further demonstration of their commitment North and South Lanarkshire Council Library Services also signed the 'see me' anti-stigma pledge, committing to do what they can to end the stigma and discrimination experienced by people who have mental health problems.

Suzie Vestri, National Director of 'see me' said, "People with mental health problem are at risk of stigma and discrimination due to negative public attitudes and this stops people seeking help and makes their recovery more difficult. Each of us has the ability to change that, because for people with a mental health problem, what you do makes a difference. Be there. Be yourself". Working with the libraries will greatly support us to take the 'see me' message into the communities of Lanarkshire. For tips on how you can support someone with a mental health problem, please visit the homepage of the 'see me' website

healthy reading launch 5 small.jpg

For further information on mental health in Lanarkshire and a list of all the resources that are available visit:

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health problem, please speak to your GP. The following organisations will also be delighted to help.

  • Breathing Space - 0800 83 85 87 (evenings & weekends)
  • Samaritans - 08457 90 90 90 / 01698 429 411 (24hrs)
  • Childline - 0800 1111
  • Parent Line - 0808 800 2222
  • The National Debt Line - 0808 808 4000
  • North Lanarkshire Mental Health Information Line - 0800 073 0918 (North Lanarkshire Only)

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