Feeling snowed under? A guide to surviving Christmas

This booklet gives some handy hints and tips for surviving the festive season as well as useful information and telephone numbers in case you need support.

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We all recognise that Christmas and New Year are times of great celebration providing people with an opportunity to come together, exchange gifts, share memories and show friends and family how important they are to us.

However, it is almost impossible to get through Christmas without experiencing some level of stress.

For many it can be a time that brings financial pressure, stress, loneliness and can remind us of sad times in our lives.

There are practical steps which we can take all year round to look after your own and others' mental health. Here are just a few:

  • don't over indulge
  • take time for relaxation
  • fit in some time for exercise such as a gentle walk
  • if you can try to be around other people

Please note that the office closure dates in the podcast and BSL video have not been updated for the current year. These are:

This year the offices will be closed starting from Monday 25th December until Tuesday 26th December. They will reopen on Wednesday 27th December.

They will close again on Monday 1st January and reopen again on Wednesday 3rd January.

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