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Lanarshire's first stop for on-line mental health and well-being information providing information for people seeking assistance with mental health problems.

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Mental Health Legislation

mental health act

A summary of mental health related legislation provided to help inform services users, carers, public service workers and the general public about their rights.

Promoting Wellbeing


Mental health is about how we think and feel. Many factors affect our mental health - housing, jobs, schools, transport, the environment - as well as the way we live our lives.

Getting Involved

getting involved

Find out more if you have an interest in recovery, would like to be kept up to date with information about recovery or would like to be part of the Lanarkshire Recovery Network (LRN).

Latest News

EK Dementia Carers Group Presents - Yesterday Once More

A unique interactive reminiscence session for seniors

Mindful Living - 28 July 2014

Noticing Kindness - a practice to cultivate. In many respects it has been a grim period for the world. Resumption of war in Gaza and Iraq, the downing of the Malaysian Airlines flight, and other bad news. It's easy when watching the news to think everything's terrible but it's not.

SQA Level 8 accredited PDA in Mindfulness Facilitation with Young People

There is now an SQA-endorsed programme on facilitating mindfulness with young people, starting in Glasgow.

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