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Lanarshire's first stop for on-line mental health and well-being information providing information for people seeking assistance with mental health problems.

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Mental Health Legislation

mental health act

A summary of mental health related legislation provided to help inform services users, carers, public service workers and the general public about their rights.

Promoting Wellbeing


Mental health is about how we think and feel. Many factors affect our mental health - housing, jobs, schools, transport, the environment - as well as the way we live our lives.

Getting Involved

getting involved

Find out more if you have an interest in recovery, would like to be kept up to date with information about recovery or would like to be part of the Lanarkshire Recovery Network (LRN).

Latest News

Mindful Living - 20 October 2014

Most people in our time live with some degree of worry, stress or anxiety whether we recognise it or not. These states of mind have a powerfully negative knock-on effect on our body, ultimately wearing it out at an accelerated rate, and making us much more susceptible to illnesses.

Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival Launch

The eighth Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival was recently launched with Power as its main theme.

Lanarkshire 'see me' Campaign Song

The song was written and produced by local band Falconhoof and the wording of the song highlight's some of the difficulties that those with mental health problems.

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