Beating The Blues

Beating the Blues is an effective, proven treatment for sufferers of depression and anxiety.

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Beating the Blues is a computer-based self-help programme which uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, consisting of 8 sessions, which normally take place weekly.

Each session takes up to one hour to complete. Beating the Blues service is accessible through PC's, laptops, tablets and smart phones (*some specification applies).

It is an effective, ideal source of treatment for patients suffering from mild to moderate depression or anxiety, whether the patient is on medication or not and can be accessed with minimum delay. At the end of each session, handouts are printed for the patients use, and a progress report sent to the referrer. NHS professionals, including GP practice staff and mental health professionals can arrange for you to have access to this programme.

What does the course cover?

Beating the Blues consists of 8 sessions, using a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach. It has interactive elements and video examples for you to watch.

  • Session 1: Getting started
  • Session 2: Goal setting & automatic thoughts
  • Session 3: Common thinking distortions in anxiety & depression
  • Session 4: Changing unhelpful thinking
  • Session 5: Inner beliefs
  • Session 6: Inner beliefs (continued) & attributional style
  • Session 7: Attributional style
  • Session 8: Conclusion and coping with setbacks

How does it work?

  1. Watch the introductory video, and decide whether you might benefit from doing this course. 
  2. Request a referral to Beating the Blues, and wait to receive an activation code.
  3. Enter your activation code into the website, and start doing your first session.
  4. Remember to do your homework, and keep your referrer informed of your progress.
  5. After trying Beating the Blues you may feel that you would benefit from accessing other services.

If you are registered with a Medical Practice, or you are currently receiving care within the NHS, you just need to discuss whether this programme would be suitable for you and request that they make a referral in order for you to be issued with an activation code.

Referring to “Beating the Blues” Computerised CBT Programme

Referring to “Beating the Blues” Computerised CBT Programme

Download Beating the Blues referral guidelines

Contact Information

Local Co-ordinator: Diane Reilly
Address: cCBT Service, Psychological Therapies, Level 2, Houldsworth Centre, Kenilworth Avenue, Wishaw, ML2 7BQ
Telephone: 01355 597999


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