Lanarkshire Recovery Network

Recovery is described as living a meaningful and fulfilling life in the presence or absence of symptoms of mental ill-health.

Since the Launch of the Scottish Recovery Network in December 2004 representatives of Lanarkshire Links, NHS Lanarkshire, North Lanarkshire Council, South Lanarkshire Council, Scottish Association for Mental Health, Lanarkshire Association for Mental Health, Richmond Fellowship, Equals Advocacy Partnership and Clubnet have been meeting to focus on co-ordinating efforts at promoting recovery across Lanarkshire through the distribution of recovery materials, organising events, delivering presentations and influencing the design and delivery of mental health services in Lanarkshire. This has been done through building on the commitment and work of many others in promoting recovery in their own area of work across Lanarkshire.

Due to an increase in demand, an incredible willingness to get involved and recovery being at the heart of national and local mental health strategy, a LANARKSHIRE RECOVERY NETWORK (LRN) is being formally launched in June 08. The LRN is hosted by Lanarkshire Links, a service user and carer involvement organisation that exists to ensure the voices of people with mental health problems and their carers are heard in the planning and delivery of services across Lanarkshire. Lanarkshire Links host the LRN because service users drive their own recovery, services' role is to facilitate recovery and communities' role is to maintain recovery through positive attitudes and actions. The LRN will continue to work closely with the Scottish Recovery Network, to give a Lanarkshire focus to meet the above objectives.

To achieve these objectives we need YOU to get involved. If you have an interest in recovery, would like to be kept up to date with information about recovery or would like to be part of the network please go to getting involved.

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