Distress Brief Intervention Programme Briefing

The Scottish Government (SG) is focused on improving responses to people in distress.

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The Scottish Government (SG) is focused on improving responses to people in distress. This focus arises from Commitment 19 of the Mental Health Strategy (2012 – 2015)1 and theme A of the Suicide Prevention Strategy (2013 – 2016)2. As part of this work, we are developing a brief intervention as a possible response to people who present in distress when accessing services.

In support of the above commitment the SG led a two year national engagement process to seek the views of communities and partners, resulting in the publication of ‘Distress Brief Intervention – description and proposed specification following stakeholder engagement’. In addition the SG’s Health Analytical Services undertook a review of the evidenced publishing, ‘Distress Brief Interventions: Rationale and Evidence’, providing strong foundation for the next stage of the Programme. Both documents available via link below, under Commitment 1. 3

The Scottish Government made a financial commitment of up to a total of £4.2m, from the £150m announced for mental health, to support the 4 year Distress Brief Intervention Programme (DBI). Local NHS Boards and area partners were invited to express interest in hosting the Distress Brief Intervention Central Team of DBI Programme Manager, DBI Senior Data/ Information Analyst and DBI Administrator; and/or participate in the programme as one of the five DBI partnership test sites.

DBI provides a framework for improved inter-agency co-ordination, collaboration and co-operation across a wider range of care, settings, interventions and community supports towards the shared goal of providing a compassionate and effective response to people in distress, making it more likely that they will engage with and stay connected to services or support that may benefit them over time.

Download the Distress Brief Intervention Programme Briefing documents below.

Distress Brief Intervention Programme Briefing Issue 1

Distress Brief Intervention Programme Briefing Issue 2

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