Advice for helping children, young people and their families manage their anxiety about COVID-19

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There is a great deal of information, coverage and opinion circulating about COVID-19. This document aims to provide reliable advice, information and a list of trustworthy links for supporting children, young people and their families during this time.

The document contains the following information:

1. Information specifically for children and young people relating to COVID-19
2. Advice for speaking to, and supporting, children and young people about COVID-19
3. Support for children, young people and families who may experience additional worry due to a range of different        circumstances they may be in and situations they may be facing
4. Looking after the adults who care for children.Supporting Children and Young People to understand COVID-19

Children and young people are hearing a lot about COVID-19 and normal life will be disrupted over the next few months for all of us. The extensive media coverage provides helpful information, but this can also be overwhelming, and it is natural that children and young people may worry about themselves, family members and friends.
Parents and other family members can be a great help when children and young people become anxious, and there are some reliable resources which can support adults in providing this help.

Good information is key, and avoiding scare stories on social media is really important at this time.
This disruption to our normal lives also provides children and young people with an opportunity to help other people in their community, which may distract them from worrying about themselves. We can hope that some good will come out of these challenging times.

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