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Many people can benefit from using self-help booklets as an aid to understand the problems they are experiencing and learn new ways to help them deal with those problems. In this section we are offering booklets on a range of mental health problems that are known to benefit from self-help. These can be particularly beneficial to those with less severe problems. Browse our list of self-help guides below:

Talking About Depression Produced by Health Scotland :

Talking About Stress Produced by Health Scotland:

How to Control Anger Produced by NHS Choices:

Talking About Panic Produced by Health Scotland:

After Suicide SAMH

This document will help you with the practical issues that need to be faced after a suicide, talk about some of the emotions you might be experiencing and suggest some places where you can get help.
download (237 kb)

A guide to relaxation

Relaxation is a very powerful tool. When people are stressed over a long period of time, they can often wake up feeling tense and go to bed feeling tense. This guides provides information on how to relax and various relaxation techniques.
download (321 kb)


A guide to being assertive. Assertiveness is the ability to stand up for ourselves and to say how we feel when we feel we need to.
download (87 kb)

Coping with bereavement

There is no one way to cope with the feelings any of us has after the death of someone close to us. We all feel differently and we all cope in different ways. This is a guide to coping with bereavement and grief.
download (533 kb)

Dealing with worry

Everyone worries from time to time. Too much worry can be bad as it leaves us feeling tense and anxious. This guide will provide you with useful information for coping with worry.
download (516 kb)

Dementia Care - Support with Eating and Drinking

This leaflet is designed to provide practical information for anyone who is caring for someone with dementia on ways to tackle problems which can occur with eating and drinking in everyday life.
download (1.15 mb)

Have You Served For Your Country

Have You Served For Your Country: Taking Care of Veterans Leaflet
download (541 kb)

Healthy Reading Leaflet Order Postcard

Leaflets covering a range of mental health problems are available free of charge from NHS Lanarkshire’s Health Improvement Library as part of the Healthy Reading Programme. Order your leaflets using this form.
download (204 kb)

How to solve problems: a simple DIY technique

We all have problems in our day-to-day lives. At times these can cause anxiety, stress and distress. So what can be done? This is a guide to help you solve your problems successfully.
download (247 kb)


Hyperventilation means breathing in more than your body needs. Another way to describe it is to say ‘over-breathing’. This guide will help you identify and deal with hyperventilation.
download (241 kb)

Looking After Our Mental Health When Affected By Homelessness

Mental health and well-being is about the way we think and feel and this in turn impacts on how we behave. We know that people who are affected by homelessness are at greater risk of experiencing stress and low mood because of the wide impact that this has on our lives. This leaflet has been developed to let us know that we are not alone. There are steps that we can take to look after our own mental health but also services that are there to support us.
download (178 kb)


MyRap is a self-management tool to support people in taking control over their own wellbeing and recovery.
download (3.16 mb)

MyRap (Older People)

MyRap is a self-management tool to support people in taking control over their own wellbeing and recovery.
download (932 kb)

MyRAP Evaluation Questionnaire

We hope you enjoyed using MyRAP and found it useful. Your feedback is of great value to us as we strive to improve our service and our resources. We would appreciate you taking the time to complete this short questionnaire and return it to us. The information you provide will be used for evaluation purposes and remain anonymous.
download (1.33 mb)

Self harm

Self-harm is when a person causes physical damage to him or herself. It usually involves activities such as cutting or scratching with sharp objects. This leaflet looks at how to learn to cope with and stop self-harming.
download (245 kb)

Tips for better sleep

A guide to sleeping and insomnia.
download (214 kb)


A traumatic event is one that is unusual and unexpected and that causes deep distress to a person. This is a guide to identity and deal with trauma.
download (244 kb)

What is a panic attack?

Everyone knows what panic is, and it is common to feel panicky from time to time, this guide will help deal with panic and panic attacks.
download (516 kb)

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