Dementia (Vascular Types / Due to Stokes)

Dementia is a term used for people with memory problems significant enough to affect day to day life in a noticeable way.  There is a great difference in severity between mild and severe dementia and it can take many years to progress from mild to severe.

This sub-type of dementia describes problems which have been caused by blood not reaching parts of the brain, for example due to damage to blood vessels or circulation in the brain.  It will be severe enough to affect day to day functioning or a person's ability to participate in social situations.

Alzheimer's Scotland and the Alzheimer's Society provide information about a wide range of memory problems, not just Alzheimer's disease.  Further information and leaflets can be found on the Alzheimer's Society website, the Alzheimer's Scotland website  and the Royal College of Psychiatrists website.

For information on power of attorney, guardianship and adults with incapacity act, visit the Mental Health Legislation section of elament.